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Current Issue

               Our neighbourhoods are changing.

This township once bustled for eight weeks in the summer and then quiet for ten months of the year is now a year round home to many newcomers and businesses.

The current hot topic issue is Short Term Rental (STR). Good Neighbours Tiny supports traditional cottage rentals. We do not support operating a ghost hotel or dedicated short term rental accommodation in a residential zone without a healthy enforcement policy. Currently, these types of rentals are often problem properties with little or no enforcement from our By-Law officers.

Our residential neighbourhoods in Tiny Township are being threatened by the uncontrolled, proliferation of these problem properties, which has been increasing rapidly in the past few years.

               Ghost Hotels, Airbnbs or Dedicated STRs, have infiltrated nearly every residential neighbourhood in the Township at an alarming rate, resulting in excessive noise and garbage, open fire, fireworks and other public safety issues, increased police activity and serious threats of violence targeting residents in our once serene and safe space that we call our home. As a result, these commercial operations continue business as usual, while simultaneously ruining the fabric of our neighbourhoods, leaving many residents feeling frustrated and unheard.


Currently the Township has 5 appeals on the new By-Law. Why?

There is currently a zoning by-law amendment (ZBA) to change the law to justify the current mess that is upon us.  Rather than reverting to the original intention of the by law, it seems they are ignoring provincial and local minimum planning guidelines and putting our neighbourhoods at risk.

There are legal facts and case laws that clearly stipulate that short term rentals are commercial operations and have a massive negative socio-economic impacts on our communities. They are sacrificing the health and safety of our neighbourhoods.


               In the meantime, local politicians, planners and by-law enforcement have shown themselves to be unable to competently manage and control the invasion of these Short Term Rentals in our neighbourhoods.  Instead, they are turning their backs on the dangers, pleas and legal rights of the residents.

               Our local politicians along with their planning and by-law staff are currently scrambling to try to cover their own tracks and are avoiding having to make the difficult, yet appropriate decisions to cease these commercial establishments from operating, in accordance with the current zoning by-law.  They have chosen, instead, to succumb to the empty threats of STR operators and are choosing to ignore the real dangers facing the residents daily in our neighbourhoods. , in an effort to do nothing more than to save face rather than save our neighbourhoods.

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